I have always been told that I have a "radio voice," so I'm thankful to have had multiple opportunities over the years to cultivate this craft. Voiceover is not just speaking words into a microphone, You have to know and speak to your audience. Sometimes you're yourself, but sometimes a bit of acting is necessary to achieve the overall goal. It also helps if the words your speaking sound natural coming from your voice. Fortunately, many of the projects that I've voiced I've also gotten to write. This has been the case with my most recent endeavor, "Did You Know." As Creator, Producer, Writer, Narrator, and Sound Designer for these episodes I was able to see the big picture and attack each aspect while maintaining cohesiveness.


During my time at Tribune Media (KDAF-33) I created 125 original episodes of "Did You Know." The franchise was so well-liked and successful that it now airs on our affiliate stations in Houston, TX (KHIA-39) and in Miami, FL (WSFL-39).


In addition to this recent project I have also done voiceover/narration projects for audio-books, Television commercials, and radio intro's for "The Dr. Nina Radio Show" as well as others.


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*In 2016 The Lone-Star Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences nominated Matthew Otto for an Emmy Award for his role as Creator, Writer, Narrator, and Sound Designer for "Did You Know," an original, reoccurring segment within a news series for Television.

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