I began my journey as a studio engineer and a sound designer around the same time I started writing and recording music (1988). I worked in analog settings until the birth of digital platforms, which had me sold from day one. Because of my vast experience with music from many angles I was hired in March 2014 by Tribune Media Corporation to create a Sound Design department at their TV station in Dallas, TX (KDAF-33). They showed me my space and left the rest up to me. I thoroughly enjoyed designing and building this highly functional, multi-station audio environment. And, as the lead Sound Designer at the station I had the privileged of creating all operating procedures, creating the templates for Final Cut, ProTools and other platforms, and also hiring and training three additional Sound Designers to help meet our show's daily demands. I was hired a few months before their new show, NewsFix, began which meant I had a lot of input into how the show would sound. Sound Design for this show included importing and normalizing all existing audio sources (narration, sound-on-tape, etc), selecting appropriate music that enhanced the story being told, and adding sound effects for dramatic effect or comic relief.


Our Sound Design department was so well respected at the station that I was soon asked to oversee projects for "Craft Services" (i.e. commercials and promos for the station), Eye Opener, a nationally syndicated show that airs on many stations across the United States, and the 6-time Emmy Award Winning segment Simon Says.


Other projects include:


• Nascar Films & BCI Productions: Sound Designer for a pilot show filmed at Texas Motor Speedway. Responsibilities included: recording scanner audio for 16 drivers during the race, editing and selecting the audio clips used in final production, and selecting or creating original accompanying music. (2002)


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*In 2016 The Lone-Star Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences nominated Matthew Otto for an Emmy Award for his role as Creator, Writer, Narrator, and Sound Designer for "Did You Know," an original, reoccurring segment within a news series for Television.

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